Tips For Fast Recovery After The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Women wish to have youthful and perfectly shaped butts. Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that can be performed to shapen your butts and to improve its appearance. This cosmetic surgery has gained its importance in the recent years. It is a procedure where fat from your own body is taken and is used to shape the buttocks. read more about the benefits of performing Brazilian butt lift procedure on various sources on the Internet. Check it out with your cosmetic surgeons about the different body treatment procedures carried out.

The article below lists some of the tips for faster recovery after Brazilian butt lift procedure.

What To Expect After The Procedure?
It is evident that the recovery of any cosmetic surgery would vary from patient to patient. It takes almost ten days for patients who have undergone Brazilian butt lift procedure to sit directly on their butts. You may experience tenderness in the areas where liposuction was done. There are chances of swelling and bruises in your butts immediately after the procedure. It takes nearly six to eight weeks to return to normal work. You can intake painkillers suggested by your doctors to get rid of the pain. Doctors recommend wearing compression garments which helps in reducing the impact caused due to swelling, bruising, etc.

The following tips would help to speed up the recovery after the Brazilian but lift procedure.

Avoid Sitting On Buttocks
Patients who have undergone the Brazilian butt lift procedure are advised not to sit on their butts’ directly for ten days immediately after the procedure. This is important as it can affect the blood circulation on the buttocks. It can also lead to the destruction of fat cells. When you do not sit with your buttocks, the transplanted fat survives. You can make use of a donut pillow or inflatable pillow for sitting purpose. You can sleep on your stomach for few weeks to avoid damage to the fat cells on the buttocks. Do not sit for long hours for few months after the procedure.

Avoid Exercises
It is vital that you avoid vigorous exercise immediately after the Brazilian but lift procedure. You must avoid squatting and stretching exercise so that you do not damage the tissues on your buttocks.

Wear Compression Garments
Compression garments are unique clothes that can be worn after the surgery. It makes you feel comfortable when you wear compression garments after the procedure and reduces the swelling or bruises caused due to the surgical procedure. Doctors recommend wearing this garment for nearly six weeks after the surgery for better results. Compression garments help in the healing process of the areas where fat were extracted.

No Hard Work
It is vital that you take sufficient rest after the Brazilian but lift procedure. It is advised to take complete rest for nearly four weeks after the surgery. Adequate rest can help the wound to heal faster. You can resume your regular daily work, two months after the surgery. You can get back to your work when the fat cells become stabilized.
The above are the things that you must be aware of when you undergo Brazilian butt lift procedure. The tips mentioned above would help for the fast recovery after the cosmetic procedure