Causes of Depression in Women

As compared to guys, show several studies, girls are twice as likely to come up with depression. Even the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggests that depression is more prevalent in girls in comparison with men, which may be credited to various biological and societal variables exclusive to girls.

A number of the factors responsible for raising the danger of depression in women are:

Hormonal changes: Girls get lots of hormonal changes throughout the course of their life, as compared to guys. For example, during pregnancy or post-delivery, a brand new mother has to take care of mood swings, frequently as a result of difficulty in bonding together with the newborn. Or, during menopause, a girl has to undergo various psychological turmoil, including melancholy, despair or annoyance. Dealing with such changes clubbed with high-stress levels results in a higher danger of melancholy. Personal relationships that are interrupted: Girls serious and usually get involved in their own relationships. This, consequently, raises the danger of developing depression when such relationships don’t work out in accordance with their expectations. What adds to their problems is the everyday challenge of juggling between family and occupation obligations, which, occasionally, causes tension and excruciating pressure, finally resulting in melancholy. Increased worry and anxiety: Anxiety is a leading variable, which affects girls compared to guys. It is because the likelihood of girls facing challenging scenarios including assaults or sexual abuse or domestic violence are higher. These may result in a long lasting negative effect on the brain. In susceptible women, depression is a familiar characteristic